Take a bunch of talented musicians, born and raised in Kimberley, South Africa. Nurtured on a diet of American R&B, reggae and indigenous rhythms and melodies, they have a formidable touring track record on the local club and festival circuit, extending to European tours backing such luminaries as Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Lucky Dube. Combine this extensive experience and their hard work ethic, and you have a truly professional line-up led by the charismatic Dr Victor, who are ready to come into their own.

Basing their first album on classic Eddie Grant and Dr Alban hits performed in their own unmistakable style of pop afro-reggae, with the addition of their original compositions, they established their sound and live performance magic firmly across the nation in the early 90’s. Songs such as “Hello Africa”, “Give me hope Jo’anna”, “Safe Sex”, “The Warrior” amongst others became national hits in clubs, campuses and stadiums. Dr Victor, relentlessly steering his Rebels to new heights, kept adding sparkling new hits to their recording catalogue, such as “Badayo”, “Shambala” and “One Goal One Wish”, ensuring that their distinct sound was heard on the airwaves continuously.

An indication of their popularity has been their support act status on stage with international acts such as PAUL SIMON, and TINA TURNER. In 1997 they completed a nationwide tour with GLORIA ESTEFAN. In 1998 they were invited to perform at Midem in Cannes France. They completed a 5 month 5 star hotel tour in Israel and then were booked to support JANET JACKSON back home. They returned to Israel in 1999 for an additional 3 month tour.

The formidable Dr Victor shares the stage with :
George – Vocals
Chippa – Drums
Dave – Bass
Winston – Keyboards
Petrus – Sound Engineer

What can we say? Only that the love and honesty inherent in the music Dr Victor and his Rebels perform (not to exclude sheer talent), has ensured for them an ever-growing following across the race, cultural, stylistic and global borders.

Can’t think of many other groups that can claim such an achievement!